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Weight Loss Program: Three Kinds of Program You Can Stick With

Losing weight is a hard thing to do, indeed. However, it is not impossible. As long as you can find the right program to stick to and follow it obediently, you will surely see a good result later. Good weight loss programshould be the one that can contribute good things for your overall health. It should be able to offer healthy yet tasty foods to eat. Also, it shouldn’t offer extensive and expensive supplements to complement the diet plan. Let me tell you three kinds of program to lose weight you can choose one from. Who knows if one of them might be the best for you?

Commercial Weight Loss Program

Among the three kinds of weight loss program, the commercial one might be the most popular one. So, what does it have to offer to us then? Well, this program basically holds regular meetings. Through those meetings, you will be encouraged and supported in your effort to lose weight. However, the support and the encouragement are not in emotional way only. Here, you will be given some advice on diet and exercise regimens too. Of course, you will get knowledge about the right foods and diet aids to go along with the diet plans as well.

This is quite helpful, don’t you think? Not to mention, you will get to know the online tools you can count on to track weight as well as food consumption. You see, this commercial type of weight loss program sometimes sells prepared foods, diet aids, and diet plans. Well, this program itself might have sold the plans to begin with. Why? It is because you will have to spend money in order to follow the meetings from this program. Yes, it will charge you the fees to participate in. So, don’t imagine that it will be a free one. It is not run by volunteers after all.

If you ask how much money you have to pay so that you can participate in this weight loss program, I can’t say it in exact number for each program has different fee estimation. However, it still depends on some things; the length of time you commit to the program, the choice of meetings (in person or online), and the purchase of its products. The example of this program is Weight Watchers. This is the most popular commercial program with millions participants worldwide. This is pretty promising program to follow, considering the number of people who participate in.

Self-Help Weight Loss Program

The second weight loss program is actually not that much different from the commercial program above. It is also the type of programs that holds meetings to give support and encouragement to the participants. This kind of programs also has local chapters around the world. However, it is the one that only gives emotional support as well as emotional encouragement so that you can keep sticking to your weight-loss plans. Self-help program doesn’t sell things like prepared foods or diet aids. It is a nonprofit program after all, so you won’t lose money to join this program.

Well, since this weight loss program is a nonprofit one, it does not guarantee that you will lose weight. However, it aims to improve the possibility for it. There are weekly meetings you can attend to. Usually, it is hold by volunteer group leaders. There, you will hear the members share their stories. It can be their story about their successful efforts or their frustrations along the process of the plan. The members will then give encouragement as well as some tips to you based on their personal experience. This is how this program goes.

You see it yourself now that self-help program and the commercial one are not the same. Even though self-help program is no more than emotional support and encouragement, it is not a trivial thing. Losing weight is a stressful thing. Believe it or not, you will eventually need emotional support and encouragement. It will help you to keep sticking to your plan even though it seems hard. So, you can always try to join this weight loss program while you are in the process of your diet plan. Who knows that it can help you through difficult times ahead?

Clinical Weight Loss Program

The last kind of programs for losing weight is the one that is run by health care professionals, including doctors, dieticians, therapists, and even psychologists. They are the ones that will give their services on nutrition education, medical care, behavioral therapy, and exercise. Usually, this weight loss program is done in private practice or at hospital-based centers. This program was known for being the kind that had its concern on a very low-calorie diet that was around 800 or even fewer calories each day. How the people did this diet plan then?

Well, people who wanted to lose weight used to replace all the food with prepared liquid formulas. It was done so that they could get rapid loss of weight for around 5 pounds each week. However, this diet plan was intended for those who have Body Mass Index as much as 30 or higher. Furthermore, this weight loss program used to suggest people with such diet to do medical checkups regularly. It was done to check out whether the diet plan gave bad effects to their health or not. Of course, you don’t want to fall sick while dieting, right? All you want is to lose weight.

Basically, low-calorie diet and regular physical exercise are the things that you will do if you follow this weight loss program. Even so, it is reported that there are some people who get complications, like irregular heartbeats because of this diet. That is why this program now suggests a more moderate low-calorie diet instead. It includes exercise and behavior modification too. However, for obese people, medications or surgery and behavior-based treatment are suggested instead. This program offers diet plan in accordance with people’s conditions.

Which one would you choose then? Regardless of the difference, those three kinds of weight loss program are the right ways you can choose if you ever want to lose weight. Don’t stick to unclear program for it is not always safe for you. Not to mention, it might even disturb your health. It is true that any program can’t promise or guarantee that you will definitely get satisfying result. However, it is better trying than done nothing. As long as you follow the recommended diet plan, there is possibility that you will lose weight without having any health problem as a result.

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